Entry #14

Radioactive Decay: Day 3 released

2016-05-22 09:37:57 by UnrealCanine

Hoped to get it out by October.....then New Years.... then March....then finally May





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2016-07-05 16:18:27

Whaaat?!!!!!!!!!!!, Radioactive Decay: Day 3?, Why Not Ninja Warrior 5: Super Renewal?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


2016-08-16 15:22:56

yeah I sent him a private message saying I want you to create ninja warrior 5 almost 6 months ago he did not reply to the message in the message box but this post might be replying to what I sent him and letting everyone know when it will come out so let's just give it time ok I gave him suggestions on what to put in ninja warrior 5 and I hope he put that all in to ninja warrior 5 and in my head I think I know what it's going to look like I can't wait to play it


2016-08-17 01:05:46

Me Too Can't Wait To Play Ninja Warrior 5! Nickjawarrior