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Hoped to get it out by October.....then New Years.... then March....then finally May




Radioactive-Decay: Day 2 released

2015-07-24 10:37:34 by UnrealCanine

Jordan has to reach the Sigma Centre. But the road ahead is long and dangerous. Can you survive and stop the alien invasion?


1.1.2 out

Just gotta fix up some things first

Panthereye's are now terrifying

Marine's are now terrifying


Headcrab's are still crowbar-fodder I guess


Prepare for Day 2 because you haven't seen anything yet

Radioactive Decay

2015-01-27 18:15:17 by UnrealCanine

If I do decide to follow up and do a full demake (and I do, don't get me wrong), it might be released in episodes*. The plan I have would be as such


Day 1-Inbound to We've got Hostiles (Arrivals to Tango Sotted)

Day 2-That, plus Blast Pit to Apprehension (Rocket SIlo to Evasion)

Day 3-That, plus Residue Processing to Lambda Core (Waste Disposal to Sigma Centre)

Day 4 Full game


What do you think?


*Because Half-Life and episodic model worked out so well before


Social Defenders

2012-08-03 18:17:51 by UnrealCanine

Even though I already posted this game, I want to continue to support it. So if you feel that any of the weapons are too powerful/not powerful enough, please let me know

Ninja Warrior 2: Grand Renewal

2011-07-23 07:45:17 by UnrealCanine

Released on Newgrounds

The sequel to Ninja Warrior has been submitted to the Portal. All the obstables are new or modified, and there's even a new training area you can have fun in. There's also scoreboards for posting fast times to.

I finally got medals to work, and there's 9 to collect, ranging from 5 pointers to 100-pointers. Have fun

Current progress;
First Stage- 15,774 attempts, 332 clears
Second Stage-2,193 attempts, 161 clears
Third Stage-1,407 attempts, 55 clears
Final Stage-355 attempts, 39 clears

Perfect runs-3,925 clears, 11 clears

Ninja Warrior 2: Grand Renewal

Ninja Warrior 2

2011-07-02 12:45:50 by UnrealCanine

I've been working on Ninja Warrior 2 the last few months, and am still trying to kink out all the bugs, such as the hated Mochi leaderboards and laggy controls

Holding Enter restarts the level automatically (on Samurai and Ninja difficulty)

Character is faster

Stage 1 uses lines rather than points, no more 'fake' difficulty



2011-03-12 13:26:01 by UnrealCanine

I knew it was gonna be hard, but I din't know this much.

Oh well, Ninja Warrior is now up on Newgrounds


A short little thing I made which waiting for BR3's cover image. Go watch it if you like